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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hoy es el gran partido, emoción en Londres y Duane, el padre de Noe, nos lo cuenta desde ¡¡¡¡¡¡África!!!!!!!

Hello Leones and Osos,
I am Noe's father and am currently working in South Africa on the 1GOAL campaign for education for all.
I arrived on 8 June and have been very busy getting ready for the World Cup kickoff and concert. This concert was very successful for the campaign because the 1GOAL campaign got a lot of exposure: the South Africian president (Zuma) mentioned it, The FIFA president (Blatter) mentioned it, videos for the campaign were shown in between the songs and four famous footballers wore the 1GOAL t-shirt on stage. Shakira is also a 1GOAL supporter and has done many press events with us - although I haven't met her yet!
All this helps the campaign get people's attend and their support - which will then be focused on national leaders to help convince them to commit to ensuring the 72 million children who can't attend school get a chance to attend: so every child gets a basic education.
You can see some of the great videos of the campaign at http://www.youtube.com/user/join1goal
I am currently on a bus across South Africa to see the England vs. USA football game. It will be my first football game (and likely my last) but I am curious to attend one since I am in South Africa during the world cup.
It is winter (since it is the southern hemisphere) and quite cold at night - but during the day it warms up. But the mood here in South Africa is fantastic: the local people are very welcoming, there are flags everywhere, there are visitors from all over the world, and everyone is smiling.
I will be down here until early July - so if any children or parents wish to ask any questions, please email me at duane (at) raymondpereira.com (replace (at) with @ end remove spaces)
Duane (Noe's dad)
PS - I will send photos and videos next

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